Server Time:


     Server Information
      🌀Exp Rate: 9999x 
      🌀Max Stats: 32 767
      🌀Max Master Level: 400
      🌀Max Socket: 5
      🌀Max Client: 2
      🌀Premium Files: Louis Update v28
      🌀Server Host: Germany
      🌀Season 6 Episode 3 + Custom Items
      🌀Reset on spot
      🌀Antilag Custome
      🌀Interface Custome
      🌀Free 2 play
      🌀Play to win
      🌀Free fo items in NPC
      🌀Jewel Bank Enabled
      🌀3D Camera /F10
      🌀Gremory Case
      🌀Grand reset Reward 10.000 wCoins
      🌀/attack /offattack 
      🌀Skin System 

     ✔️Blood Castle
     ✔️Devil Square
     ✔️Illusion Temple
     ✔️Online lottery
     ✔️Custom Quiz
     ✔️Custom Bonus
     ✔️Moss Merchante
     ✔️Custom Drop
     ✔️King Of Mu
     ✔️TvT Event
     ✔️GvG Event
     ✔️Battle Royale
     ✔️PvP Championship
     ✔️Skeleton King
     ✔️Red Dragon
     ✔️Golden Dragon
     ✔️White Wizard
     ✔️New Year
     ✔️Cursed Santa

/move     Move to a map
/post      Post a message in global chat
/s       Add Points in Str
/a       Add points in Agi
/v       Add points in Vit
/e       Add points in Ene
/c       Add points in Com
/pk              Clear PK
/Zen     Add zen
/evo             Evolve char class
/reset (auto)    Reset character
/mreset          Master reset
/openware Open warehouse 2
/openware        (ViP2) Open warehouse 5
/classe   (ViP2) Change character class
/changename (ViP2)Change character name
/pick   /help            Summon help